Associates in Dispute Resolution is managed by Larry R. Rute and Patrick R. Nichols and was formed to provide a fair, confidential and timely forum for dispute resolution in Kansas, Missouri and throughout the Midwest.

Associates in Dispute Resolution LLC, is a multi-disciplinary regional leader in the field of dispute resolution services. It is our role to find creative solutions to resolve difficult problems at a reasonable cost. We also offer dispute resolution training and consulting. We maintain a team of attorneys, former judges, business executives and corporate counsel whose sole focus is to settle your dispute. We maintain offices in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

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How To Contact Us

Appointments may be scheduled with ADR through our principal office in Topeka, Kansas, or with Patrick Nichols through our Lawrence office. Click here for a link to our case submission form which you may fax or mail with the requested information. Case Submission Information.

ADR can provide you with professionally trained and experienced mediators and arbitrators. See our list of associates by clicking on the "Our Associates" tab.

Fee schedules and curriculum vitae are available upon request.

Topeka Office
212 S.W. 8th Ave., Suite 207
Topeka, KS 66603
785-357-0002 (fax)
Kansas City Office
1600 Genessee, Suite 838
Kansas City, MO 64102
(816) 531-1001
(816) 531-1221 (fax)