We offer a full range of dispute resolution services to individuals, government agencies, professionals and businesses. ADR’s alternative dispute resolution services are approved annually by the Office of Judicial Administration. The scope of our work includes, but is not limited to:


Americans w/Disabilities
Business Disputes
Civil Disputes
Contract Rights
Commercial Disputes
Constitutional Law
Construction Law
Employment Disputes
Environmental Law
Family Law


Insurance Coverage
Legal Malpractice
Medical Malpractice
Personal Injury
Product Liability
Public Policy
Property Damage
Professional Reorganization
Property Damage
Real Estate
Special Education


Topeka Office
212 S.W. 8th Ave., Suite 207
Topeka, KS 66603
785-357-0002 (fax)
e-mail: info@adrmediate.com
Kansas City Office
1600 Genessee, Suite 838
Kansas City, MO 64102
(816) 531-1001
(816) 531-1221 (fax)
e-mail: info@adrmediate.com